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            Bimba Manufacturing Company is a 100% employee-owned company that is a forward-thinking innovator of actuation, fluid power, and motion control technology.  Specializing in providing cutting-edge solutions to engineering challenges, Bimba strives to deliver superior customer satisfaction through outstanding service, quality, and value.  We offer an extensive range of pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric actuators, air preparation, and motion control products.

            The driving force behind these products is a commitment to customer satisfaction.  It's a dedication to deliver quality solutions executed at market leading delivery time.  Bimba maintains an ISO 9001 certification which provides a uniform framework for quality assurance that is recognized worldwide.

            These philosophies are expressed consistently throughout the Bimba Enterprise including our divisions, TRD Manufacturing, Mead Fluid Dynamics, Pneumadyne, Inc. and Acro Associates, Inc.


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